Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby making news.

When Aaron made his first donation for a sperm analysis, he came home and apologized to me. The Clomid he's been taking has really put him under the weather in many different ways, and he didn't think the first test would be any good. Clomid is certainly not testosterone treatment. We went back home to Alabama for a visit afterwards and when we returned, he went to urology the next day. I stayed home with our new puppy (squee, that's a whole 'other post).

He has sperm that is great for IVF! Not great enough to knock me up the old fashion way, but our chances at a successful IVF cycle are pretty good, as long as there aren't any problems with me! I mean, this is such great news. We thought it would take another month of Clomid for anything to be usable, but it is very usable! We haven't been this excited since he got his legs with knees. He is going to take Clomid for a few more weeks and make donations to a sperm bank, and when we're ready to make a baby, we can at least try!

This was some much needed good news. Recovery has been slow around here lately, as he's been having socket issues with his left leg. He also developed a crazy rash while home, and we don't know if it was because of the heat or something a little more serious, like yeast or staph. This whole "wheelchair collecting dust in the corner" business seems like an impossibility. A future seems like a dream.

We are so grateful, though, that our ability to make a baby that's ours genetically is a real possibility. Of course, IVF could fail. It could be awful. But we have a choice, and a chance. I couldn't ask for more than that!