We have experienced some wonderful, wonderful benefits from individuals and organizations. I feel it's very important to share information on these charities, so that others (like you) can consider them in your tithing and donating for the year. I will continually be adding to this list.

Our Home Build- Yes, us! We are building our own accessible home. There are several "free home" (not really free) organizations out there, but none were a good fit for our family. The EOD Warrior Foundation has very generously donated time and resources to help us fundraise so that our whole family can be safe and Aaron can live as normal life as possible.

EOD Warrior Foundation I can't count the ways this organization has helped us. Anyone with an EOD tech in their lives would be remiss not to donate.

America's Fund An all-branch arm of The Semper Fi Fund. It's really helping soldiers out. We have received so much from them from the moment we qualified for aide. Really invaluable resource, and also wonderful people to "work" with.

Boulder Crest Retreat- Offers a mountain cabin getaway to wounded warriors, and hosts many workshops throughout the year for the most severely wounded of ALL wars. We spent Christmas 2013 there since I was too pregnant to travel very far from Maryland.

Yellow Ribbon Fund  (There is always a YRF event going on, and they also help fly family members back and forth while your service member is in the hospital.)

Blue Water Warriors Here is the facebook link. My cousin started this organization after talking to Aaron about what it would be like to get a disabled soldier/vet on a boat. It's an upstart, and we're so excited to be a part of its birth. I know it is going to help a lot of folks like us!

Coalition to Salute America's Heroes- They were the first organization to write a big check for our home build, which is a big deal because we are not tax deductible. They simply want to help, not just get a write-off.

Yellow Ribbon Fund  There is always a YRF event going on, and they also help fly family members back and forth while your service member is in the hospital.

USO Fort Drum I volunteered here while we were stationed at Drum, & believe wholly in what the center does for young soldiers there. I truly gained a family with them.

USO Metro I can't say enough good things about the USO-Metro branch. We have had so many opportunities to not only grow and have fun, but also share our experiences on behalf of the organization so more people can know just how personal it can get!

USO Tribute Cincinnati Yes, another USO arm. We felt so special and honored during our weekend in Cincy. It's a wonderful town that seems to do its veterans right.

USO  Just in case picking one is too much, here is the main site for the USO.

Veterans Airlift Command We LOVE them. We have used them several times to go to and fro to various events, including home the first time. More people should know about this.

Vail Veterans Program This is an incredible adaptive sports program that introduces disabled veterans to summer and winter sports in beautiful Vail, CO- all expenses paid. We have stayed in the nicest hotels, eaten the best food, and Aaron has grown so much as he experiments with new ways to stay active.

Also, please look to your local VFWs, Amvets, American Legion posts. A lot of them are struggling and are also looking for ways to get new vets interested in participating and leadership. These are the places we are going to find ourselves before we know it and we need to make sure they are there for us and those who come after us. We have also received money from churches, cards from schools, and care packages from places far away. Anything you can do, please do it. It means more than you know.

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  1. I was reading about how you are copping with what you are going through with your husband be an injured service man. we will be praying for your family. I will be joining later, I served in the Vietnam conflict . God bless you.