Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Squishy Turned One!

I never intend to stay away from here for as long as I do. Life is up and then down, or rather busy then really, really busy! I am still learning how to get things done with a kid in the mix. One, who by the way, is nearly 14 months old now! And down to one nap a day. She isn't quite walking, but she pulls up and cruises around the furniture a lot. She babbles, growls, and says "uh oh" but just to be cute. We have a real highchair now and she can feed herself diced up fruits and veggies. We still mostly spoon-feed her, but we're getting there with self-feeding. She eats just about anything, for now. Now that she's definitely teething, she is liking cold foods more than before. She sleeps through the night and wakes up between 615am and 7am. If she's up a bit early for us, I bring her to our bed with a bottle and we all cuddle. She'll reach out to touch me and Aaron, but likes his cuddles best. I do, too.

Aaron had a month-long stay at Walter Reed, with two weeks of it in the hospital. He came back right before Valentine's Day. He missed her first birthday party here, but she still had a great one. Tons of family and friends came by and I think everyone had a great time. It was in the high 50s that day, so the party spilled outside in the sun. I had two of my best girlfriends in from across the country. It was as amazing it could be. He back up there now for a doctor's appointment then off to South Africa for a plains game safari hunt, paid for in full by Safari Club International members. He is going to have a great time living out a dream.

Aaron not being here for AJ's party and first birthday won't be a one-time thing. While we have ducked out of the military life, there will still be absences. He will require medical care and it won't be appropriate for her to visit all the time. There will be hospital stays. Even though his HO and muscle surgery went well, he will still have to go through with the bone extension at some point next year (most likely). It kind of sucks that we still can't seem to get out of the lifestyle of having him miss milestones, but it is what it is.

On that note, here are some great shots from her birthday photoshoot. I am addicted to Visual Arts by Jessica. Squishy just lights up for her and we get amazing photos I couldn't love more.