Army Times on "The Next Part" April 2014

The Everyday Things- November 2014

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation- 2015 Alabama Fellow 2015

280 Living Article May 2015

Army Times Intimacy Article (BWF "Intimacy After Injury" conference)

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby Article (Bob Woodruff Foundation "Intimacy After Injury" conference)

Since Aaron was injured, we have had the blessing to have some of our experiences recorded in the media. I almost always post an entry about any new media, and will add any new links here, as well.

The Anniston Star:
Aaron Is Injured
Local Charity Has 5K To Help Wounded Vets
Update On Aaron
Aaron's Family Accepts Veterans Day Honor For Aaron At Local Elementary School
Slideshow of Aaron's Christmas 2011 Homecoming
Aaron's Homecoming
Letter From Patriot Guard Rider On Aaron's Homecoming

Various Other Media On Aaron's Homecoming:
Alabama 13
My Fox AL

Other Stories:
CNN HLN "Stories of Courage" july 4th Special
Kat's July 4th Blog Post for HLN 
Comfort Amid Crisis: Our USO Story
USO Cincinnati Gala Photo Slideshow
(Before Injury): Men at War: Come Home with Your Shield, or On It

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