Saturday, February 23, 2013

"In My Honor."

I told y'all I was being honored with a crazy USO-Metro Award. Well, here's something else for ya- an invite to a reception in honor of the award I'm receiving. Meepies! I'm not going to lie- this is a little weird for me. I had the worst time writing my short biography the other night, too. This is about me, not Aaron. Which isn't exactly correct, because I wouldn't be who I am as a USO volunteer if not for him, but apparently that is neither here nor there. I knew there was a reception, but to see that it's in my honor just trips me up and gives me the biggest kick in my pants. Giggle. Me? Me? I just really want to ask if anyone involved knows who I really am, but I already know the answer- they do. They do, and they know what I say and feel and yet they still like me. Kinda nice. I hope it's the start of something wonderful, to be honest and not just a bright shining moment in this journey (it can be both). But no matter, I'll take it, and only because of what it represents. Just love your country, spend some time helping others, and love your soldier/sailor/airmen/Marine and all will be right in the world.