Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From Grumpy to Gleeful.

USO Article: Comfort Amid Crisis

I really was not having a good day. I was planning to come back in my in-law's and log on here to list all of my grievances, even the unreasonable ones. For whatever reason, my anxiety has been palpable the last few days. I have nothing to be terribly stressed about, but I constantly feel on the brink. I'm always behind and feel like I have something else to do besides whatever I am currently doing. So by 11am this morning, I was in the parking lot at Krystal's (another version of White Castle, but better), cramming three little cheese burgers in mouth and sucking down sweet tea, trying not to cry. It was a pretty ugly scene. I left my makeup bag  at my brother-in-law's house and can't get it back until Saturday. Horrific, I know. I have also been in some semi-serious physical pain and am aggravated that caregivers can't get chiropractic care at the hospital, it's nearly $60 an adjustment on the economy near Rockville/Bethesda, we're not home long enough for me to get meaningful treatment here, and I want to stop taking pills to manage it. So really, it was not a good day. I went to meet Aaron and my in-laws for lunch when an email popped up on my phone. It was from the author of the USO article linked above, telling me that it's in the  monthly magazine and thanking me for a great interview.

It is so good I had to thank him. It is honestly one of the best things written about any part of our wounded warrior journey, and the only one that focuses on everything the USO did for me and my family in the wake of the injury notification. For such a large organization one could presume that benefiting so directly would be rare, but nothing could be farther from the truth. My USO connections and experiences have been 100% positive, and I can't say that about anything else other than being able to breath everyday. My day turned around pretty quickly after getting that email, and I am reminded that ultimately don't have anything of importance to complain about.

I hope this week is great to everyone. Hug your loved ones!


  1. That is a wonderful article, thank you for sharing. I hope your week gets even better soon.

  2. Fantastic. I agree with you 100% about all experiences with the USO being positive. I miss volunteering there!