Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hi, there.

I realize I haven't returned since my previous post. I'm okay. And yes, just okay. In the past few weeks we've had some pretty amazing experiences with family, and also have come across more upsetting information about our situation and future. All of the comments here and elsewhere mean more than each of you could know.

What I am learning is that I am not alone in this, no matter how alone I feel. I have all types of people around me that I need to utilize more. I still feel that I am shrouding hostility in honesty in some cases, especially towards Aaron. But he knows that I am just trying to be transparent. I still feel pretty strongly about not taking a pill this time, but I understand that I need to be equally committed to a healthy lifestyle: exercise and more exercise, whole food, and regular visits to the chiropractor. Do something a few times a week for me- art, a kid's mechanic set, a meal out. Whatever.

I know I can overcome this. I have already overcome so much! I am just tired of all the bullshit, but I'm not going to beat myself up for that. I wouldn't judge anyone else; why am I judging myself?

Love and hugs to you and yours.

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