Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting There.

Today was better. I think feeling so poorly physically that it just really brought me down. I don't think I'll ever let a doctor give me an opiate ever again. At least not if I'm going to be conscious immediately afterwards.

Aaron and I both woke up in great moods, and had good days. He is just so excited about everything, even getting his ass kicked by his physical therapist, "Bunny the Destroyer" (not kidding- that's her moniker). I'm just utterly amazed by him every day, a hundred times a day.

His hands can extend far enough now that I think he could hold a medium size playground ball. This both excites me and breaks my heart. He works so hard to do so much we as able-bodied people don't even think about. I have no idea how it feels to get around in a wheelchair and that be my freedom. He never, ever complains about losing his legs. I mean, holy hell.

I am a lucky woman.


  1. You simply amaze me. You are so strong and I love your attitude. Still praying for you and Aaron! xoxo

  2. This should be on a Motivational poster with the caption "Inspiration".

  3. Wow, you really are lucky, he sounds like such an amazing person!

    I love his PT's moniker. :)

  4. I am so glad to hear he is in such good spirits about it. He sounds like he is making great progress, that is so awesome :).