Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I disabled comments on my last post. But okkkkaaayyyy.... I think it's pretty obvious this is someone I've met in real life and has had issues with things I've said before. This person clearly knows me. There is a reference to me apologizing to people I've "slandered" that is just odd. Seeing as posts made just since Aaron was injured are visible, the only people I've said nasty things about are people involved in my botched up notification or some wives I knew in the unit who said really ugly things to me and/or about me. I won't defend or explain those posts because I wrote them at a time when all of those feelings rang true to me. I have since moved on from being that angry, and not thinking about those people anymore. Honestly, Susan's dedication to my blog is creepy. She doesn't need to explain herself further and neither do I. Continuing to comment isn't going to make this situation any less crazy or out-of-control.

 I never expected the amazing support I've received here and on Facebook, so thank you all for that. Look people, you can't argue with crazy. Someone who would dedicate so much time to a blog written by a person she obviously finds undesirable is engaging in questionable behavior. She obviously reads a lot and the idea of me reproducing under my current circumstances was enough to warrant her response to every single comment made here. I strongly don't believe in blindly agreeing with anyone (a huge issue among military spouses if you ask me) but I don't think being rude does anyone any good, either. No one will certainly listen to rudeness. "Susan" never meant to be nice about what she had to say and it should have ended there. If she comes back, just don't even bother with her. I usually don't mind a good shit show, but I would like my readers to have the chance to do more than just defend me (which again, is amazing). Those of you who come here often don't over-simplify what I write and when comments are left, they are usually supportive or constructive in some way without being nasty; even comments that haven't kissed my ass (I actually got a few good ones in the past that called me out). We know who we are; I know who I am. And lastly, it's the internet. You can't win on here and I accept that. I will still have anonymous, unlinked comments enabled nor will I ever remove a comment. Transparency is a paramount virtue in my life (as long as safety comes first, obviously). I apply that here, as well.

Thanks again, people. Hug yourselves tight, reread for a good laugh, and move on. I promise to be back soon with something else worthy (at least to me). Loves and hugs!


  1. That woman had some freaking nerve telling you you shouldnt reproduce. Who the hell is she to say anything?? I love that your blog stays true to you, and you shouldnt have to justify what you say on here.

    I read the post that lady was referring to, and it told me that you guys may have a struggle when you do decide to expand your family. There was no reason for her cattiness and ridiculous comments! I hope that when you and Aaron decide to have a family, everything will work out for you, and it won't be difficult :)

  2. well, shows me I should have checked in before... when or if you decide to have a child - is up to you. since you aren't irresponsible or foolish, I know damned well you are going to think about it, know that you guys can afford the time, effort, patience and headpounding frustration you may encounter, both trying to get pregnant, and when the bouncing bundle arrives. your piece told us that you have worked it out, that you guys have made a positive decision right now. You aren't doing it on a whim! As for Susan or whatever her real name is - phffft! a gnat - so brush her off. sometimes having comment approval, is a good idea! ~LAW

  3. Wow! I am almost speechless. You know you are pretty much kick ass. Ignore the hate directed at you and laugh at the fact that she apparently finds your life so interesting that she spends so much time focusing on it.

  4. I admire your mature response to the issue. When our lives are out in the open like this, sometimes people come in thinking you have to accept everything they say. Don't forget that this is YOUR page and YOUR outlet. You have the control over this area of your life.

    It will be difficult for anyone to understand your experiences unless they've lived them. Keep positive, keep strong and keep that gorgeous head up. You have a great group of people behind you, supporting you.

  5. Well I gotta say all that was quite entertaining and gave me a laugh. Ad if I remember correctly I don't seem to remember you running around just talking smack for the hell of it, or directing towards innocent bystanders? I mean, I think we have the right to defend ourselves and vent because I'm pretty sure that's why most of us had, have or started our blogs. And sure, disagreeing and having good conversation is a good and fun part of blogging and I expect some people wont always agree with me and might say so. It just cracks me up though when people spend time on multiple comments or disguise their condescension in "meaningful conversation." and kissing your ass, I mean just because people to sit there and try to find something to say in disagreement with every post doesn't mean I'm kissing anyone's ass. Isn't that the other point of blogging, ESP mil spouse blogs in my opinion, to provide encouragement, since we are just a weird community.