Thursday, June 28, 2012

Head in sand.

I live in an incredible country that gives its ordinary citizens rights and privileges that no other industrialized nation does. Apparently something huge happened today and a lot of opinions are going around. Since I haven't read a thing on it, I won't even attempt to speculate, but nor will I allow someone on either side to "educate" me. If I get around to it, I'll read the information out there and decide for myself. What is so upsetting is how people are expressing their opinions (many of them uneducated and unfounded in fact). I have so much faith in humanity based on my own experience in this world, but all the racism and classism is just so discouraging. Most of the people who would be making these awful comments have already been unsubscribed to on my facebook, so for the most part I've been lucky. I haven't had to go on a de-friending spree.

And let me say that I also feel that I can't say too much because I and my husband receive government benefits. Yes, we've "earned" them, but that doesn't give me cart blanche to talk about anyone else who should or should receive benefits. I live in government housing, too. I know there are incredible differences between what we have and what someone else has, but I'm not the type to decide what is and isn't "worth it." I could tell you some stories of egregious misuse of government funds that have gone on here, even for things that aren't necessarily bad, just wholly unnecessary.

So this is me, pulling my head out of the sand long enough to make an evasive comment, wave my little American flag, and putting my head right back in.

But the shit show on the internet is so entertaining. I haven't had this much to laugh and be amazed and stunned about since Susan came to visit my blog. And I was just getting bored... giggle.

Reddit link that is pretty informative about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


  1. Since I can't comment on the loony toons post, I'm commenting here. And since only people who have had children actually get any credit, I guess I qualify. So I do have a child and I still get overwhelmed by normal every day life stuff and my husband is not wounded. Taking care of your spouse when he lost two limbs is just not something we ever think about when we get married. It's a HUGE adjustment. I can only imagine. And the selfless way you love him and care for him is so beautiful I can barely stand it. You are an example of selfless love that I hope I'd be able to follow in a similar situation.

    I also think it would be total BS if you acted like it was easy or rosy all the time. And honestly if you did, I'd stop reading. No one expects or wants to deal with their husband's legs being blown off. No one. No one is good at dealing with that. It would be hard for anyone and the fact that you express how it is hard and overwhelming adds to the authentic beauty of you caring for Aaron.

    I love you and I hate it when people are so condescending. Pride is gross and never looks good on anyone.

  2. Also would like to add that I'm not kissing your ass. We have been friends for so long that there is no need for ass kissing in this relationship. If I disagreed with you I'd tell you.