Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I just wrote this wreck of ex on Facebook to basically let him know I'm in the area so that when we run into each other (which we will) and his wife who hates me is in tow (which will happen) he won't be an ass. I think I'd rather he ignore me, but it's even more awkward to actually say that. It's not that I worry about it that much, but just that I'd rather not have a really tense moment, ever. I have had plenty of those the last three months.

So, I thought that was a little funny. "Hi, heads up, I'm around and just didn't want anyone to freak out when we run into each other at the most awkward moment possible. Hope you're great!"

It happens.


  1. Luckily, my exes are scared of me and would probably hide if they saw me in public LOL :p

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean by running into your ex... Been there one to many times..

    Wishing you and Aaron a wonderfull Christmas :)