Saturday, December 3, 2011


So, since my life has completely changed I feel like I should gravitate from exclusive use of  "unlikely wife". I am still an unlikely wife, blessed to be married, and now stronger than ever. I feel more warrior... like She-Ra. Or a Spartan wife. I am going to design a new blog, and then redirect from here to there. You guys don't worry about a thing. That said:

Any domain suggestions?

Any new name suggestions? I like "Unlikely Life of the Warrior Wife" but I want it to include a reference to my husband (the real warrior hero) and be shorter and easier to recall.

Any blog design peeps you suggest?

Anyone want to do a flash cartoon of me and my husband?

Thanks so much for being here as I grow and change into this new life with Aaron. I hope to always have the time and gusto to blog.


  1. HMM! Well -- I don't have any name suggestions for you..

    Bright Wishes Blog Design ( does some really cute stuff!

    I bought a premade from the Etsy shop Little Grey Willow recently. may have increased her prices; but I've always loved her work from when she designed MySpace layouts back in the day.

    Jackie from Blushfuls ( does GREAT layouts for dirt cheap. I think I paid $12 for an entire custom layout the last time.

  2. Ooh--new title! I'll put my thinking cap on and let you know if I think of anything!

    Katie from is doing my redesign right now. She's wonderful to work with, and very reasonably priced!