Friday, March 2, 2012

I guess we could always do more (sarcasm).

There are a lot of changes going on around here and none of them are particularly awesome. Aaron's legs are shrinking, which is completely normal, but he has a ton of unwanted spontaneous bone growth (heterotopic ossification, HO) and it's starting to get ugly. When he wakes up his legs, especially his right, look downright freaky. Everything is shrinking around the HO. Surgery isn't scheduled until about a month from now, and it really can't be done any sooner. We finally got another med change done, so he can have more options for when he's in pain. A person really can't take anything when Suboxone is in the mix. February was rough. March isn't looking much better.

So, in this lovely place we have room inspections. They just pop in, look around, and leave. Now, I'm no Susie Homemaker but my apartment is not nasty. I might have some laundry in a pile, or the sink will have some dishes in it, but nothing is growing in the trash or anything like that. The 1SGT thinks it's funny to make comments about our apartment, e.g. wondering exactly what I'm doing here since the place isn't spotless.


This is not easy. I'm with Aaron a lot for his appointments. I took on some online courses (four, actually), with Aaron's support and blessing. I get sick and feel pain, too, leading to long days where a lot can't get done. I do not get any help keeping this place neat. I don't think any of this is an excuse, it's just life. I got emotional talking to Aaron about it this morning. It's not funny. I feel like we don't do anything right and we're not working hard enough, and nothing we do is ever good enough. I'm trying to make this place a home, but it's not easy. I wish the people in charge cared about that.

Hopefully, this weekend is easy and productive. I have a crazy long paper to write, and I really want to see my dogs. At least the weather's been nice. Take care out there, and hug your loved ones. My step-father's mother is cremating her husband of nearly 60 years this weekend. I can't even imagine.


  1. That is an asshole move by 1SG. The army's perception of a wife being the perfect homemaker is just nonsense, especially with everything you have going on.

    If it makes you feel any better, if someone inspected my house with a white glove, we would seriously fail and I really have no excuse.

  2. I can't believe they would say something like that. I find that completely inappropriate in any situation, much less with everything you have going on.

  3. Really? I mean really? With all that is going on that is what people have time to do? So Army. So male to make a comment like that. I applaud you for your good attitude and response, but seriously I would probably have popped off with something like, "Tell me the truth, who cleans your house, you or your wife or do you hire someone? Let's go look at your house and put some people in your home down. Even better, I will be even more anal because you all have LEGS so everything should be perfect. Better yet you get your tight ass in here and help us out. That would be leadership by example you ASSHAT!!!!!!" Yeah I spend a lot of time in my room these days until I calm down and not be a lunatic. But this jerk-off.......HUGS xo

  4. What Sunny said.
    If you need help with someone holding him down while you kick the crap out of him, let me know. That is just BS. I've seen pics of your place and you know what, it's freaking spotless by comparison to my house (which looks like I rent to frat boys). There is only so much any one human being can do in any day and you need to tell him to EFF OFF