Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nearing the end.

OMG, it's been a hot minute. We got back from Vail, CO this past weekend. If you're facebook buddies with me, I posted the pictures and video. Aaron rocked the monoski, of course. We went to the spa for massages a few times, and ate some delicious food. I met Ryan and Trista Stutter (only Bachlorette success story). He's still a firefighter there. I sort of learned to ski, and decided that winter sports just aren't my style. Way too many assholes involved! I'm not one to get excited about trusting other human beings not to hit me when they ski within 5 feet of my very-beginner self. I got to know some other warrior wives a little better and overall, had the time of my life. I haven't been able to really articulate the trip, but pictures speak words I can not.

The deployment for the Aaron's unit is nearing its long awaited end. Facebook is blowing up with countdown posts and exclamation points. We're going up for it, of course. The unit will be whole once more and that's probably the most exciting thing. Oh, and Aaron will see the guys who saved his life for the first time since he was injured. That is going to be a big moment for him. I am excited to see the wives. My battle buddies have visited, but a lot of other wives in the unit have shown Aaron and I great support and I can't wait to thank and see them.

And then my tenure as an Army wife will be done! Although Aaron is still "active duty" as long as he's in recovery, and I'm sure EOD will always be a part of our lives, the end of this deployment marks the end of being a "regular" military spouse. No more FRG emails (yes, I still get them- it helps to keep up with the unit even if I do feel really disconnected) or updates. A lot of those I know are PCSing later this year and riding off into their Army futures. Everything I know about being in the Army life will simply fade instead of morph into a new phase.

I thought I was upset about all of this, but it's okay. I got gypped out of well, a lot of things, least of all a successful deployment and homecoming. I'm just glad everyone is coming home, or has come home, alive and themselves, if not in one piece. Even though my Army wife time was short, I had some pretty rare and profound experiences. I think I'll just tell myself I had all the "fun" of a decade-long tour in just under two years! It is what it is.

Hope everyone is doing well and such. It's been beautiful weather here in Bethesda, and I have stocked up on warm weather clothes. I had absolutely nothing prior to my trip this evening. Thank you, H&M. (I also bought the most adorable dress from a kids' department and I will be mortified if I show up somewhere and am wearing the same thing as a 10-year-old. But it looked really good on me.).


  1. OMG! I had no idea your hubs was EOD until you just mentioned it here! My hubby is as well and we're stationed at Fort Lewis Washington. I'm gonna go through your archives and read up to find out what really happened since I'm kind of vague on the details.

    I'm sorry about what happened but your sure do inspire me! You must be incredibly strong to endure this without going mad. Thanks so much for sharing your life.

  2. Sounds like youre hanging in there. Keep it up!