Monday, March 19, 2012


No matter how hard I try not to live in anger, some days are so full of bullshit that I completely lose it by 2 o'clock. We did do a platoon change, so hopefully that will help alleviate some of the excess crap. It's not that anyone was particularly terrible; it's just that so many people weren't doing enough "little" things that it ruined the whole lot. And sobbing in the first sergeant's office probably helped the decision along, as well.

Then there was the new car issue. At the end of January, we bought a Volvo XC60 (love it). We decided to trade in my Focus to bring the cost down some. We were also using our one-time VA grant. All in all, we wrote a very large check for the difference in what they offered for the Focus, what was left on the loan, and everything left after the grant. The check cleared within two days. Well, last week we got word that our Focus was never paid off! And to add to it, the dealer tags are due to expire in about a week. They also had not received the VA grant. The dealer manager nor our salesman knew what was going on. It seems there some combination of a finance manager quitting and accounting sucking that lead to such a huge grievance. Apparently, though, the sales manager seems to think he doesn't/didn't have to pay off the Focus until the VA grant came in. We're letting this slide for the time being, only because we know we can get them a grant check in a few days but we will be asking why he decided to not pay on the Focus and not tell us. He knew how long the VA grant took to come in and should have called when it didn't show.

What a mess. Our day did get better, though. I test drove a new Challenger and I'm pretty convinced that if I want a car for my 30th birthday, that is the one for me. It'll all depend where we are in this journey, what I'm doing, and whatnot. But we will eventually require two cars to function seamlessly. And why not a red sports car to feed my rebellious side?!

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