Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lazy river of hope.

We maybe, just maybe might have finally hit some kind of stride. Granted, this is just two weeks before major surgery, but I really feel that emotionally we really have arrived. Even though our schedule for the next two months is a bit wack, and we have no idea what we're doing for convalescent leave after surgery, I feel pretty good.

A lot of this has to do with a platoon change. Where we were was not working. I liked our nurse case manager, but I felt like I had to double-check everything. There were functions and meetings that our squad leader never seemed to know about. I am not sure what he was supposed to be doing, but harassing us seemed to be the only thing he could do. I finally came to an understanding with the first sergeant about all of this, including the room inspections. I just felt like we couldn't win in our current situation- we could do it all right, go to our appointments, but someone, somewhere wasn't going to be doing his job. I absolutely lost it at the ortho office because it seems they can never get the wait under control. Anyway, that's all better. First sergeant transferred us to his "A team", which I imagine is reserved for people who need a lot of assistance. I don't need that, just for people to do what is simply their jobs.

And yes, homecoming is soon! We are really excited to go back and welcome everyone home. All the wounded will go out to the flight line. I am permitted to go, but won't. My place, even if it's just for moment, is back with the wives who have waited for their husbands to return home. Even for just an hour, I can be back where I belong. Also, I know that there are things Aaron is going to feel and say that aren't for me. That's for him and the men he served with, especially his team. Two men are responsible for saving his life and that's his moment. I'll have my own moment with them. Also, I don't want to see my friends' husbands before they do! Awkward.

I'm okay with homecoming. Really. Most of the families in the unit have been nothing but supportive, friendly, thoughtful, and kind to Aaron and me. The company has kept in great contact, and battalion got us lodging and permissive TDY to attend. If Aaron was going to get hurt, I am glad he was with these guys. There are some legitimate horror stories out there that would make your skin crawl- battalions that don't call wives, companies which don't call the husbands, non-notifications, and overall neglect. I did not experience any of this with the people Aaron worked with, and got quite the opposite. I know, despite what I have experienced, I am a spoiled, lucky, proud, and blessed warrior wife.

In other news, the dealership we bought our Volvo from and traded in the Focus for, sold the Focus without paying off our loan first. The manager seems to think he has every right to not pay off a car he already sold because the VA grant hasn't come in. Aaron wants to wait this one out, but I am livid. As soon as our loan is paid off, I'm finding this man's boss. What he did was nothing short of theft and a complete breech of contract. I would buy from our salesman again, but never deal with the manager in the future. He's a swindler. Isn't that just so awesome! I don't even know how some of this stuff happens.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their week okay!


  1. I would definitely be making some noise about the whole car issue--that's nuts! I can't believe someone--in management of all places!--thought this was an acceptable way to act. Good luck getting everything resolved!

  2. I'm glad your new platoon is working out. I also hope the homecoming is wonderful. I know it's not the way you pictured it, but I am sure it will be great to see your husbands with all of the guys, including the ones that saved him.

  3. new follower, and fellow MilSpouse! I found through Tayrn's site (Mainly T) :) I'm in Va and if there's anything we can ever do...well, please let me know. I know that sounds completely nutso, but there's a strange bond with the military as I'm sure you well know. I am so glad to have found your site and your husband is such a hero and you are an inspiration to all military wives out there!! Thank you for your service.

  4. Glad to hear that you are hitting a stride and finding some peace.

  5. Hey! Saw your awesome comment on my blog (thank you!) and have added you to my reading list. I have a lot of catching up to do, but your story is so inspiring.
    And do not get me started on unhelpful bureaucracy. Especially from people who love telling others how supportive they are of the military, but then don't do jack when they can actually make a difference. I am sure you will sort this person out (could you write a scathing review on Angie's list perhaps? Or email his boss?).
    In the meantime, hang in there with homecoming and the surgery...I will add you to my prayers :)