Monday, April 23, 2012

Feeling Defeated. Go. Army.

This morning we were woken up by a 730am text message from the Army squad leader. There is formation twice a week and room inspections (we've been over that here a few times).

I was going to care today about "healing" and being happy, but I'll find something else to do with my time.

I feel like these people are more concerned with the PATIENTS being soldiers than the other way around. We're here for them; they're not here for us.

I quit today. I think I'll have Ativan for breakfast instead of cereal...


  1. I can understand how the Army WANTS to uphold cleanliness standards, and maybe they feel that keeping the wounded in "soldier" role will help psychologically, BUT...

    A wounded soldier's main priority should be healing, getting better!! And if they really want rooms to be ridiculously clean, then maybe THEY should take care of that, so the families can concentrate on adapting to their new life. Sheesh. I'm angry for you! Their lack of compassion is appalling.... is there anyone you can voice your opinion to?

  2. I can understand the added stress those types of things add to a spouse, but just a thought here: I think they do those things to keep the guys with a sense of responsibility to keep them from slipping into depression and never getting out of bed. Alot of the guys who find themselves in that hospital long term have known nothing than being a soldier/marine/sailor its very hard to go from that type of lifestyle wehre your told when and where to be every minute straight to civillian lifestyle. We didn't have to do those sorts of things while up there but my husband spent the past two years just sitting idly and I wish they would have given him at least a little responsibility like that. Getting him to do things is like pulling teeth. We have dry erase boards all around the house and I have to call him multiple times a day to ask if he has acheived whats on the list. Now that hes back in school and has a normal daily routine again its slowly getting better, but its taking a while