Sunday, April 15, 2012


Everything went great with the surgery. It was a very early morning and quite a long day. Didn't see that coming. He has been high as a kite since then (an epidural, Dilaudid and two other painkillers will do that to you) and extremely needy. My in-laws are here so I have some time to slip away and catch up on late school work. This first semester back has been harder to manage than I could have imagined. Holy time management batman, throw in a recovering, handicapped husband and you have yourself a deadline nightmare. Let's hope I don't bomb three whole intro classes. Yeah, I'm a whiz.

Also more difficult than expected is this whole second hospital stay. The first was two months, and this should only be a week but it's brought a ton of old feelings back. Him being incredibly loopy and demanding (duh) is weird, as well. He was really independent just the morning of surgery, how are we back here again? But I know better, it's just temporary and everything will be back normal in a week or less.

Isn't that just a funny thought to end on- "back to normal." HA!


  1. What is normal, anyway? I still haven't figured it out. Thinking of you. Good luck with your semester! You're my hero for even taking classes in the first place.

  2. Glad to hear youre hanging in there.. no matter how difficult that might be.