Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am the Warrior Wife. Hear me roar! (And watch me fall out!)

Oh, man. I know anyone who loves their spouse wouldn't think twice about doing whatever it took, but even I am beginning to understand how challenging this life can be. The shower, would care, and general getting-it-together this morning was all the productivity I think I can handle today! I'm really impressed with us, as we've learned there is nothing a lot of laughter and a healthy dose of patience can't accomplish. As we stumble through all the steps back and forward, revisited painful territory and new horizons, I can't help but feel incredibly humbled by the fact that we're here. Even though I am very clearly "in the bubble" I do realize- on occasion- that this can't be easy. Most days I don't even think about it like that because we do what has to be done. The recent hospital stay was incredibly difficult but it's all water under the bridge. I am so, so lucky to be here. I know that it must be a struggle but it just feels like life to me. Our life, and I love it.

And today, since we got it all done by 10am, I am going to take a nap!

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