Sunday, January 15, 2012

I recently reviewed everything I posted online about Aaron's incident, since the day I received my knock. Man, I've been a lot of places emotionally! I've recently come to a point where I don't want to talk about my notification anymore, or our first few days and weeks here at the hospital. There's a lot inside of me still waiting to get out about those harrowing moments, but progress and adjustment have finally come along our way.

I live at a hospital. My street address is the same as Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's (mostly referred to simply as "Bethesda"). I am not yet comfortable having to be anywhere away from Aaron, so I'm not going attend college classes this term, but take them online. I live in generous government housing on hospital grounds. I'm learning about DC area driving and what places to avoid (I'm looking at you, Georgetown and 495 around Falls Church).

Aaron goes to physical therapy and occupational therapy every day. I usually join him, unless I feel that I need to get caught up on housework or various other errands. I feel grateful everyday that I wake up next to him, and know that we're not getting out of bed until we've adequately cuddled.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that simply, this has become life. It's home now. This doesn't feel weird. Seeing a group of triple amputees drag each other on the floor by electric wheelchairs was just funny and not "wow, that's odd" funny. Just funny. Just being part of it.

I will never know who I was going to be had this not happened to Aaron. I can't remember too much about ourselves from "before"- he's so honestly positive and has the best sense of humor about it all that I suppose I think he's always been this way. Or at least, this is the man I love. After a bit of deployment drama, he sat in the tub and talked about what was good about deployment: "Having babies is good. People getting married is good. Coming home is good. We should focus on these things." It was just so simple and true, I could have cried.

I'm in a good place with my husband and family and those who are truly my friends. I was a regular Army EOD wife for 18 months, and now I'm a warrior wife for my hero husband. I'm good, folks. Doing just fine.


  1. You are BOTH simply amazing!

    Good luck with all that DC Traffic, YUCK!

  2. I'm really so happy for you both--good luck navigating DC; have someone show you how to navigate Rock Creek Parkway--it's like DC's hidden secret roadway of awesomeness!

  3. Love reading your blog and always will, you never cease to amaze me. Still praying for you both, xoxo