Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roll Tide!!!!

We made it!!!! Aaron was a trooper with all the airport business. I did pretty well managing all the bags! While I will never agree with or support TSA policies and practices, everyone was as respectful as they could be. Delta was excellent with us, too.

The hotel isn't in the best part of town and all the fast food joints sketch me out, so I hit up a Family Dollar across the street. Sure, it's all processed, but I know what's not in it!!!

Roll Tide!!! We're so lucky to be here!!!


  1. "Roll Tide"! There I said it. Don't ask me to say it again. AND Congratulations on your national championship. As an LSU fan (and employee) it was particularly hard to witness the utter debacle of our team and the stellar play of Bama (gotta give credit) that produced your victory last night.

    Sure it was nice to be in attendance at the championship game but it was painful to watch such a pitiful display by the Tigers. As I heard one fan put it, "It was like getting an A+ all semester long and then you flunk the final!" But I have been telling everyone how much I enjoyed the experience because of two delightful people with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the game.

    Aaron and Kat were obviously Bama fans, he with the iconic houndstooth fedora and she with the incessant squeal of "roll tide" to anyone not wearing purple and gold. Taking my seat and noticing that Aaron was a double amputee (he had on cargo shorts) I suspected that he might be a war vet. My suspicions were confirmed when Kat cried uncontrollably as the national anthem was being played.

    Over the course of the next three hours we shared more than just a football beatdown. I soon learned the story of Aaron's injury and recovery, that he and Kat like beer ALOT, and that they both were both pretty cool. We shared a bunch of laughs (just how did he get those pretty girls to "escort" him back to our seats?), a few more personal stories, and alot of respect for each other.

    Thank you both for making a miserable experience enjoyable. As the son of a former career soldier, I say thanks to you both for your service, commitment and sacrifice. As a fan of the Tigers, I say we'll be back next year. And finally as a new friend, I say stay in touch.



  2. I love how positive you are! You are both amazing people and I am thankful for you, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers