Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not A Real Problem...

It's wonderful that we were gifted the BCS Bama/LSU tickets. We were always going to say yes. I just wish I knew how to plan better! I should have just bought the "expensive" airfare in and out of New Orleans. Even though the price seemed crazy, it would have prevented a lot of headache and extra dollars spent. I had to cancel our original arrival flight because it went into Houston. See, the first plan was to fly into Houston and stay with friends, rent a car, then drive over for the game the day of (kickoff isn't until 730pm). We would somehow get to the game. Then drive out Tuesday back to Houston, stay with friends again, and fly out. The Houston airfare was about $400 total versus the direct NOLA airfare of $800. Since the car was going to be dropped off in the same place it was picked up, we were getting a great deal of $20 per day. Well, we got handicap accessible seating but it came with a change in plans- we had to be at the Superdome by noon. So, I canceled the flight into Houston, eating $150. At least we got the other $90 back. One-way into NOLA is $400. Add a night at the hotel at about $200. Pay for a one way car rental, $89. Schedule a car to take us from the Superdome back to the hotel- $160 because traffic is going to be that bad. We could have just gambled on a taxi, but this place is going to be nuttier than any Mardi Gras I've ever been to. At least I get to see some long lost friends in Houston, and attend a once-in-a-lifetime game (two SEC teams- including my Bama- in the BCS bowl!). I'm so, so grateful. It's just always something, though. A lot of this has developed so last minute. At least one friend is willing to dedicate her game day morning to taking us to the stadium. Since we were gifted the tickets so late in the game, everything has been astronomical. The only reason we have the transportation after the game is because one company was willing to put out their wheelchair van (and my cousin called 8 other places). At least we can stay for the whole game. When it was looking like a cab was our only choice, we were going to dip out early. Safety reasons- I think this is going to be the most unsafe football game of the last century.

So, there's a lot of "at least" in there, which makes it all worth it. The price of the trip is still less than what 1 ticket is going for on Stub Hub. Right now- and I mean in this current moment- I'm just a little taxed. I've done a lot of calling and asking around, and had some help. Argh. I am glad we will take a break from traveling when we return on Wednesday.

I really am grateful. I am spoiled rotten to be about to drop $1500 on this trip (before gas, tips, and food). Spoiled. Rotten. But it doesn't mean I don't get stressed... and I still have to pack! Roll Tide!

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