Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Vomit Cuteness Day!

Love Conquers All. Throughout the past five months I have grown only closer to Aaron. Deployment kicked our asses and we were going to need some help when he returned. Instead, we got what we got, but we've turned it into something beautiful. At less than 2 years in, before kids, a house, and all the other ordinary things life brings, I know where we stand. I know what we can do. I know that we're limitless. So, not just today (greeting card day that it is), but everyday- I'm a hell of a happy woman.

A lot of things have gone wrong in my life, or I've taken the long and stubborn way "home". But this man and this life, I got this 110% right. I wouldn't turn back for the world.


  1. If you can make it through this (and you have), you can do ANYTHING!!!

  2. This made me all teary-eyed! I hope you lovebirds had a great day!