Friday, February 10, 2012

Still here.

Nothing like paying $260 out-of-pocket to see an orthopedist PA, but it was worth it. I'm taking steroids to try and calm the nerve down. I will also seek massage and acupuncture care next week. I'm sending in my application for US Family Health Plans so I can start receiving a different kind of care on March 1. I know there are just as many bad civie doctors as there on at MTFs, but I'll take my chances. I hope I never have another reason to be treated at this hospital ever again. Aaron got so mad he managed to get his hands on a "patient resolution" person. We'll see. I frankly don't think things can change around here. It is what it is and all we can do is take care of ourselves. I feel blessed and lucky that I could afford to pay for decent care when I needed it, instead of entering the PCM-referral process that we all know and love.

I'm not knocking TriCare as a whole. I've seen it work. But it didn't work for me, and the TriCare standard in this hospital is "get them out as quickly as possible". Throw meds at me, watch me sob in pain, but don't dare try to figure out why I'm actually hurting. Assholes.

I know it's my choice to seek outside care and deal with those potential (financial) consequences, so I'm not even going to bitch about taking that on. Emergent care at Bethesda initally failed me and I had no other choice but to go to another ER. Try and make me pay for that ER visit.

I don't eve know what non-spouse caregivers do for medical care. I guess you just hope it's nothing serious and the noncommittal attitude of the hospital doesn't actually hurt you. It's just like the lump of asphalt in the parking lot, in lieu of an actual wheelchair ramp- it works until someone gets really hurt. Then all of a sudden, it's priority and no one knew.

As for right now, I think something is up with the ovarian cyst. We'll see. I'll pop some pain meds and get a ride to Sibley. NOT going back into Bethesda ER, that's for sure.

I wander if I could do an ICE complaint drive in the lobby? Hmm.....

Until the next time, I am still the (slightly injured and still pissed off)-


  1. I hope you feel better! I'm sorry you've had such terrible experiences. Hubs and I were just complaining about Tricare. Long waits. Terrible service. Such inefficiency even for the most basic thing. However, it's free so you get what you pay for. I have tricare standard and pay a lot out of pocket for my visits aside from urgent care. It's annoying, but I don't have to wait for things.

  2. You should really try to find other people to gather round you to sort this out at the MTF you're having an issue with. It wouldn't be a first time that a group of pissed off people have spurred change at facilities. Even get on them about the lump of asphalt that is a "wheelchair ramp." If enough people rally, change will come. You just have to get there. You tell 'em, girl!

  3. I used to live in DC (and work at the old Watler Reed). If you're looking for a great acupunturist who is very affordable (160 for initial session and 85 follow ups) I would recommend Heather Ruth I can honestly say she saved my life. Her Bethesda location is about a 15 min drive from Bethesda.

  4. I had a lot of luck with the one ICE complaint that I've done in my time. I had the Garrison Commander's secretary contact me. It really worked well for me!! I hope that your cyst gives you some relief soon, I hope you won't need surgery like my sister did.

  5. Don't forget you're also allowed to get a second opinion and Tricare will pay for it.