Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adventures and routines and stuff and stuff.

So instead of complaints I'm going to start calling my observations about Building 62 "adventures". Yesterday's adventures was having both elevators broken for several hours. I don't even know how half this stuff happens. These elevators are the only way people without legs get out of here. Srsly!!!

Does everyone else have a morning routine? I wake up, shuffle around, assist Aaron in any way he needs, then start the Keurig (which by the way is the best thing in my house, I don't care how wasteful those little cups are). I load the dishwasher and do some other cleaning things. I might screw off on the internet a little bit, watch the news, and eventually find something else on the idiot box to fill the air while I go about my day- it's usually USA, FX, TNT, or History. Oh, I usually make the bed. At some point, I start schoolwork.

I used to attend most of Aaron's appointments with him but I realized it wasn't good for me. Something almost always happens that riles me up to no end. He handles those situations so much better than I do. I think once I manage to get self-soothing and meditation under control (i.e. get my freaking anxiety to stop doing it's own thing), I'll go back. I feel anxious all the time and I can't make it quit. I seriously need some coping skills.

That said, the outdoors just do it for me every time. We went to Virginia and out skeet shooting this weekend and the fresh air was amazing. At one point, I simply found a place to sit and close my eyes outdoors. We can't open windows in the building (duh) but I miss the woods. I've never spent so much time away from the trees in my life. When I'm with nature, I don't talk. I don't think. I just breathe. The hospital is like a concrete city, where all the important things happen indoors and the only time you're outside is when you're walking from one building to the next. Just seeing these buildings is kind of a downer. I look forward to any outdoor-tree time I can get.

So, back to awesome things. Out of 12-16 shots, I actually hit three clays while skeet shooting! It was a little .28 gauge double barrel, and I am pretty pleased with myself. A few shots were just right behind or in front of the clay. I also finally got to take my little scooter for a test drive, and I caught on pretty quick. Right turns, for whatever reason, are kind of awkward for me. I think it's because the throttle is on the right handle and I am terrified of accidentally going too fast, so I'm doing all the steering with my left hand/arm. Which was tiring, especially after the skeet shooting.

I take my final test and turn in my last assignment today. I'm taking a lighter load for summer, but I'm excited to keep pushing along. Hope you all have great weeks!

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