Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a bit personal this year: Memorial Day.

I was probably closer to becoming a Gold Star wife than I even really acknowledge and accept, so this year I am more grateful than anyone could know that I woke up next to Aaron today. It makes me sick to even think about it, so all I can do is hug him tighter and kiss him longer.

Today is not our day. It is not a day to say thanks to us. Yes, Aaron gave a lot in the terms of his body parts and maybe even future children. But he is here, he is himself, and we are thriving. Today is for the broken hearted, the ones who cried last night and this morning, the mamas trying to explain to their little girls where Daddy went and why they can't go, too. It's for the widows who didn't get a chance to have their love's child, and now they feel so alone. Today is for the parents who buried their children. I honor and respect them and their ultimate sacrifice.  It's not fair, it will never be okay, and while it was not senseless the fact that our country has counted 6,440 war dead is beyond my comprehension. It just isn't worth it and they all need to come home now. No one else should suffer like the Gold Star families or the Wounded Warriors do.

Godspeed and good vibes to whoever is hurting out there today. I am not you and can never claim to know an iota of your pain. If you don't feel support, reach out to the American Widow Project or Gold Star Families. It's there for you, and we as a nation should never forget who your soldier is and what you had to do in the name of freedom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that.

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  1. Amen!! Great post and I totally agree. I know there are war widows who would give anything to be in my shoes with a deployed husband, meaning he still had a chance of coming home. Memorial Day is a day to remember those lives lost!