Thursday, May 10, 2012

Right now.

Drowning in school work but emerging out of the end-of-term haze okay. We'll see how much I suffered when grades come back. Adding "student" to the list of identifiers was probably one of the crazier things I've done lately.

Also, some roadside assistance chump fried our brand- new Volvo XC60. Aaron had left a piece of his adaptive equipment on when he was done driving it for the first time a few days ago and drained the battery. No biggie, he called roadside for a good charge. The guy got the clamps backwards on the posts! He put negative to positive!!!!! It apparently smoked and sparked for more than a second and now the electrical system is completely messed up. Volvo isn't even sure if they can fix it. Now I keep thinking that even if they do, our car will always act crazy and this will be an on-going issue. So. Livid. Who does that?! I learned to jump a car properly when I started driving at 17. OMG. WTF.

My phone got mad at the beach and quit working, but Apple Care is amazing. The home button not working was the big issue, so I got a new phone. Apple Care paid for itself right there.

Lastly- people should be able to marry each other. Period. All these preachy, hateful religious folk messing up my facebook is grating on my nerves. If they want to go all Old Testament, then fine, but live by every rule. Don't take one "rule" literally and not all the others. I personally like to focus on the message of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, but then I'm just another commie liberal feminist, aren't I? Boo to hate. Not cool. And who out there is qualified to be the supreme ruler decider on what God meant in the Bible anyway? Man wrote it, not God. And last I checked, humans can be pretty unreliable. Jesus was about the good stuff in life. Interracial marriage was banned in several state constitutions because it was deemed immoral and nutjobs back then quoted the Bible about that, too. And women voting. So, um, yeah. Way to go, progress.

Now back to that paper on the rainforest people...


  1. See the piece I posted on my blog. It made me happy.

  2. Isn't there some bible verse about stoning women if they aren't virgins on their wedding day? People are just ridiculous.