Monday, May 7, 2012

There's not a reason...

... for everything. There isn't. I don't care if it's your religion or own personal philosophy, but everything does not happen for a reason. Jesus was not there with my husband eight months ago today when he nearly died. I can accept divine intervention on behalf of the fact that he made it through, but you can't tell me God set in motion the events that lead to the single most devastating event in our lives. Not the God and Jesus I was raised to believe in, anyway.

And to say that everything happens for a reason to people who have experienced true pain is just rude. But my only reply is that it simply must be so nice to be so blind and stupid. As is passing any judgment, but that's another post.


  1. To Warrior Wife,

    I am a new follower but I just wanted to say I enjoyed this. I am a practicing Roman Catholic have been for my whole 22 years of existence but you are correct and that is something I had to learn a few years ago. We grow up being so bling and naive because of things that happen and people try to tell us "oh everything happens for a reason sweetie" those people I wanna punch in the face and say yet you pissed me off theres your reason. lol sorry anyways hope w/e it is gets better :)

    -Fellow blogger

  2. Ah. I HATE when people say "it's in God's plan" as a way of comforting people when something absolutely terrible has happened. I think it makes it so much worse. We've had this discussion with friends at dinner before. One of our best friends doesn't want to go to church after having numerous people tell him "It was in God's plan" when he had friends die in combat. Those words can definitely hurt more than do harm.

  3. Kat - If I didn't have my computer in my lap and a homemade garlic-cheddar biscuit in my hand (it's so yummy) I would literally stand up in my living room as applaud! I just love you for saying what I have believed for several years. I cringe when people say "things happen for a reason" and "it's in God's plan"..oh, and let's not forget "God doesn't give you more than you can handle".
    It's better to just say nothing but "I don't know what to say"!

  4. I'm a Christian, and I completely agree with you. I've never liked or believed that phrase.

  5. Anyway, if people are looking at terrible events from a Christian perspective, wouldn't "We live in a fallen, imperfect world in which people are free to choose violence and evil" be a more accurate/better assessment? I don't think God WANTS any of His children to suffer. I can't bring myself to believe that He is watching all of the pain in this world, gleefully thinking about the lessons we'll learn and what better people we'll be after it's over.

    In any case, I think people use expressions like "It's in God's plan" to make THEMSELVES feel better, even if they don't consciously realize that's what they're doing.