Friday, May 18, 2012

Day drinking, migraine, charity, college. And GO!

I went to the ER last night. Whoo, party! I laid down for a nap after a little day drinking, right on top of a bunch of pillows. I woke up with a raging tension migraine that only got worse. Puking, sobbing, the whole works. Thankfully my doctor this time did not over medicate with me with narcotics and instead gave me half doses. I ate when I got back and we finally went to bed around 3am, but no sleep until after 4. Ugh. I feel better today, but what a doozy.

Also, frozen sangria is no joke! Day drinking is fun and all in the wonderful weather, but maybe next time I won't pick the most loaded beverage on the menu. I really don't think it contributed to my migraine, other than being so tipsy I didn't notice I was sleeping on a mountain of pillows.

Today is a big day! We're going to the groundbreaking ceremony for The Boulder Crest Retreat. You have GOT to read up on this. A lovely couple donated acres of their Virginia land to build this wounded warrior retreat. It will be small and intimate, without the usual constraints of official hospital trips. I love our hospital trips- we're taking one tomorrow- but it is like a field trip. On the bus, off the bus, do this at 1pm, dinner at 6pm. We need a place to truly relax and do whatever we want to do- wether that be kayaking, yoga, gardening, or NOTHING at all. I am so excited to be so closely associated with this organization. I hope to contribute something to it in the long run, but what I don't know yet. I'm sure I have a talent or two.

I got my grades back! I bombed psych, which was supposed to be an A. My fault. I'll be retaking it in the summer. I got Bs in Anthropology and English- whoohoo, at no short credit to my incredible writing skills.

So here's a funny to leave you with: I've been researching four year programs and am considering apply to a John Hopkins writing seminar (ambitious and ludicrous, probably not going to happen). I couldn't find any info on accepting transfer students who didn't graduate high school. I've got a Good Enough Diploma (GED) but my college work should be able to speak for itself. I kept getting the same canned response back from Admissions. I might have wrote a bit of a nasty-gram to them about not accepting GED transfer students. Finally, I got a non-canned response. Well, they do. I mean, I can at least apply. Although nothing on their website mentions this, at all. Someone at admissions thinks it does, but clearly they are incorrect. They need high school transcripts, though, which is a problem. I don't have them. I homeschooled one year and then stopped. Partially my fault for not finishing, but I went to work. I was 17 when I made that decision. It shouldn't matter 13 years later, though. So we'll see.

Have happy weekends, folks!

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  1. Hey Kat! I met you and Aaron at the ball a few weeks ago with my husband, Dave Flowers. We got y'alls card and I saw your blog on it! I have just spent the past hour reading, laughing, and some tears! We went through so much of the same thing! I blogged during our time at WR and stopped after we came down to the schoolhouse, but I am wishing I had continued. Any who, just wanted to say Hi and we are thinking about y'all! Hugs!
    Liz Flowers